Which backpack is best for hiking?

The Gossamer Gear Gorilla 50 is one of our favorite backpacks for multi-day backpacking trips Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60: an ultralight backpack with plenty of storage. Like the previous Gossamer Gear Gorilla 50, it is very comfortable and durable, but we prefer the symmetrical pockets and the smaller capacity of the Gorilla. The Gossamer Gear Gorilla 50 has a comfortable hip belt, but you can take it off for quick and light adventures. Our best choice, Osprey Talon 22 is a tried and tested multi-sport backpack that can be used as a backpack for hiking, skiing, cycling, etc.

It is a lightweight but durable backpack with a stable carrying system and an external hydration sleeve that can accommodate a tank of up to 3 liters. Don't be fooled by the 22-liter volume: the backpack has many pockets that offer plenty of space for your things. There is practically enough space for everything you need for a long day of hiking or any other outdoor activity. The LidLock helmet accessory, the trekking pole accessory for on-the-go storage, the side and oblique pockets, and the lumbar belt with two zippered pockets on the hip belt provide easy access to the essentials of daytime walking.

We recommend this package for those who are new to lightweight backpackers and may need a little more space than most ultralight packs. The size of the backpack you need depends on most of your equipment, the length of your trips and how well you pack. A day hiking backpack should be large enough to carry the essentials, but be light and comfortable enough to allow you to move quickly and efficiently. Multi-day hiking backpacks are the obvious choice for longer trips because they have the right suspension system to carry the weight with reasonable comfort and the ability to pack all the bulky gear you might need.

If you're interested in lightening your load and don't mind a simplified design, an ultralight backpack for backpacking might be a good option. The suspension system is the most important feature to consider when choosing a backpack for walking; it supports the load and is the part of the backpack that comes into contact with your body. A little smaller and with fewer features than the Aether 70, the Exos 58 is the perfect backpack for someone who likes to walk fast and light. Join Outside+ to get Backpacker magazine, access exclusive content, thousands of training plans and more.

The volume of such hiking backpacks usually varies, since smaller packages start from about 30 liters, while larger models can reach up to 70-80 liters. You can put a lot of gear on this baby, and attach it even more to the outside and still come out smiling, as the Osprey Aether is one of the most comfortable large backpacks on the market. The fundamental purpose of the best hiking backpacks is to carry the kit, so how you distribute this equipment is of vital importance. We like that Osprey has combined some tried and true backpack design elements with smart and innovative features of his own creation.

Choosing a backpack can be as difficult as selecting the right hiking boots, as there are hundreds, if not thousands of options. As the backpack has a relatively small capacity, it is lightweight and can be used as a carry-on bag when traveling.

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