Best choice Osprey Talon 22

Our best choice, Osprey Talon 22 is a tried and tested multi-sport backpack that can be used as a backpack for hiking, skiing, cycling, etc. It is a lightweight but durable backpack with a stable carrying system and an external hydration sleeve that can accommodate a tank of up to 3 liters. Don't be fooled by the 22-liter volume: the backpack has many pockets that offer plenty of space for your things. There is practically enough space for everything you need for a long day of hiking or any other outdoor activity.

The LidLock helmet accessory, the trekking pole accessory for on-the-go storage, the side and oblique pockets, and the lumbar belt with two zippered pockets on the hip belt provide easy access to the essentials of daytime walking. This  Osprey Talon 22 backpack is a nice backpack with the perfect size for day hikes as well as other sports, activities, and outdoor trips. 

Since backpacks tend to store most of your stuff, a smart choice of a hiking backpack can significantly reduce weight and make your walk that much better. Your backpack should reflect that, as a larger backpack that works for men can sit large and loose on women, making the walk very uncomfortable. The brand has also employed partially recycled fabrics in the construction of the package and has calculated the total carbon cost of the product (the equivalent of walking 89 miles instead of apparently taking a car trip), which means it can offset the environmental impact of your purchase through your next long-distance walking or walk. If you're ready to get ready, find the best hiking backpacks for every level of hiker, from day bags and parent-friendly backpacks to multi-day workhorses, below.

It also allows for better mobility and flexibility, which can be very beneficial on longer walks and difficult terrain. Although it has a single-strap lumbar belt, an adjustable chest strap, and compression straps to distribute and stabilize the load, the backpack is primarily designed for short to medium day walks. The Terra also uses a Dyno Lift system with adjustable load lifts and a pivoting hip belt for a more stable and comfortable walk. Backpacks with internal frames can be used on all trails, eliminating the need to buy two packs, one for easy trails and one for more technical hikes.

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