What are the best hiking backpacks?

The Gossamer Gear Gorilla 50 is one of our favorite backpacks for multi-day backpacking trips Gossamer Gear Mariposa 60: an ultralight backpack with plenty of storage. Like the previous Gossamer Gear Gorilla 50, it is very comfortable and durable, but we prefer the symmetrical pockets and the smaller capacity of the Gorilla. The Gossamer Gear Gorilla 50 has a comfortable hip belt, but you can take it off for quick and light adventures. Every year we see more and more ultralight backpacks on the road, and for good reason.

These backpacks have a minus-is more fully functional mindset, as they reduce approximately 2 to 3 pounds the weight of a standard backpack and feature basic organization (most have a main compartment, hip belt pockets and some external pockets). In addition to optimized storage, they lose weight with thin but premium materials (Dyneema and Robic nylon are common) and minimalist suspension systems that usually include an aluminum bracket and foam back panel. If you're interested in lightening your load and don't mind a simplified design, an ultralight backpack might be a good option. The Gregory Baltoro 75 (men's version) and Deva 70 (women's version) were built to carry heavy loads.

Supportive padding and many organizational pockets make it our choice for extended hiking trips. When it comes to larger internal frame packs, this is one of the best you can get your hands on. The only disadvantage we could find in this package is the weight. What the Gregory Baltoro 75 gains in comfort, he pays in pounds.

At almost 5 pounds, it can be a burden for those who want to walk fast and light. The Gregory Baltoro comes in a 65 L, 75 L and 85 L option. The women's version of this package, the Gregory Deva comes in a choice of 60 L, 70 L and 80 L. The Aether is also available in a 55 l option.

If you need to carry more equipment, check out the Aether 60 Plus, Aether 70 Plus and Aether 85 Plus models. If you are looking for a real backpack beast, take a look at the Aether 100 plus model. If you love classic Osprey Aether models but want to reduce weight, check out the Osprey Aether Pro 70 model. The Osprey Ariel (women's version) is available in 65L and 55L, as well as Ariel 60 Plus and Ariel 70 Plus options.

The Osprey Ariel Pro 65 is the lightweight version of this classic, tried and true backpack. Multi-day packages that exceed 70 liters are best for extended trips that last a minimum of 5 nights. The large size of these packages will ensure that you can carry enough supplies for the long haul. The packages in this range are ideal for families with young children.

With a pack of more than 70 liters, you can carry your children's supplies and yours. Torso length can be determined by measuring the distance between the C7 vertebra at the base of the neck and the iliac crest at the top of the hip bones. Start by tilting your head forward. You want to feel a bony lump in the back of your neck (the place where your neck and shoulders meet, also known as the C7 vertebra).

The Osprey Exos 58 and Eja 58 (women's version) is a hybrid between an ultralight and a traditional backpack, making it a great choice for hikers looking to reduce weight but still want the support of a frame that other lightweight bags lack. Granite Gear's Crown2 60 Pack is a favorite among minimalist hikers and backpackers, and the Minnesota-based company expanded the line with a smaller capacity 38-litre model. Starting with the good stuff, the Speed Lite is ideally sized for most 24 liter day hikes, is comfortable, ventilates well and comes with plenty of features including trekking pole holders, daisy chains, side compression straps and hydration tank compatibility. The canvas package is basic, you get 25 liters of space, a small internal pocket and two zippered pockets on the lid, but it does the job for day walks or for your daily commutes (a laptop fits easily inside).

A little smaller and with fewer features than the Aether 70, the Exos 58 is the perfect backpack for someone who likes to walk fast and light. Usually, if you are going to use the package for rather serious day walks, it's worth opting for a high-end female model like Gregory's Jade 28 and Sirrus 36, Tempest 20 and Mira 22 from Osprey that we have listed above. Traditional backpacks such as Talon, Speed Lite, and Stratos above are ideal for moderate day hikes, but the Black Diamond race-inspired Distance 15 is designed specifically for mountain athletes focused on traveling fast and light. If you plan to use your backpack for long day hikes or multi-day backpacking trips, you'll appreciate having a backpack designed specifically for hiking.

The brand has also employed partially recycled fabrics in the construction of the backpack and has calculated the total carbon cost of the product (the equivalent of walking 89 miles instead of taking a car trip apparently), which means it can offset the environmental impact of your purchase through your next distance or walk. A day hiking backpack should be large enough to carry the essentials, but be light and comfortable enough to allow you to move quickly and efficiently. He has walked in stages or completed every national trail in the UK, but was once surpassed by three smurfs, a transvestite Little Bo Peep, and a couple of Teletubbies on a promotion to Snowdon. For everything from quick weekend trips to ambitious hikes, the Optic is a solid endeavor and a good middle ground between standard packages and super-small cabin designs here.

And the right equipment includes a package that fits your frame, is comfortable and can carry everything you need for your hike. From short day walks and summits to all-day adventures in the countryside, you'll want the right backpack for the job. . .

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